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CEO Award Winners Announced!

22 August 2017, 2:38 pm Written by
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AIBT is proud to announce the winners of the CEO award at our graduation ceremony this year.

The winners were rewarded for excellent participation during classes, attendance, high academic achievement as well consistently aiming to improve on their studies.

The winners are Yafang Wang and Wing Sum Liu, who were both awarded with a $100 gift voucher.

We’d like to thank them for their admirable efforts throughout their time at AIBT.

We’d also like to once again congratulate all students who graduated this year and wish you the best for your future.

CEO Prize to be awarded to graduates

10 August 2017, 3:48 pm Written by
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Students graduating on the 18th of August are eligible for the CEO prize.

Make sure you attend the AIBT graduation on August 18 as you might be in the running for the CEO Award.

Wondering what the CEO Award is?

2 graduating students from Business & IT are eligible to win a $100 gift card as a reward for their outstanding efforts throughout their tenure at AIBT.

Students must display the following qualities during their studies in order to qualify:

• Excellence in attendance and participation
• Achievement of academic potential
• Consistent effort in improving their studies in AIBT

Make sure you attend the graduation and celebrate along with your peers.