NGO Scholarship Program
13 October 2015, 03:07:47 PM

Applications Closed.

Through the work of the Private Sector Collaboration and Social Innovation working group a generous offer from the Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) has arisen that we are keen to share with you.

This working group comprising NGO, government and other representatives is keen to support the community services sector with resources and opportunities to build capacity.

NGO scholarship

The AIBT is offering a new scholarship program for the NGO sector in South Australia. The program aims to upskill staff, board members or volunteers from an NGO.

The successful scholarship recipient will learn vital management and business skills which in turn will benefit the NGO they represent and the community services sector.

Applicants who can clearly demonstrate the benefits to themselves, the NGO they represent and the sector will be highly regarded. Applicants from country areas are encouraged to apply.

AIBT now a SACE Provider
8 July 2015, 03:46:58 PM

AIBT are excited to announce that we have been approved to be a provider of the South Australian Certificate of Education.  AIBT will open it's first classes in SACE in 2016.


Scholarships 50% off - Graduate Diploma of TESOL
9 June 2015, 03:21:51 PM

Adam Niu - Alumni Testimonial
2 June 2015, 04:18:48 PM

Adam Niu


Successfully completed the Diploma of Management with AIBT

Entered 2nd Year Degree of Marketing with University of South Australia and graduating this year

Skye - Alumni Testimonial
2 June 2015, 04:14:21 PM



Successfully completed the Diploma of Management with AIBT

Entered 2nd Year Degree of Marketing with University of South Australia and graduating this year

Rocky Ho - Alumni Testimonial
2 June 2015, 04:10:49 PM


Hong Kong

Successfully completed the Diploma of Management with AIBT.

Entered 2nd Year of Degree in Commerce at Flinders University and started his own company R&J Marketing

Chinese Mandarin Course
19 May 2015, 04:21:16 PM

If you want to learn to speak Chinese, our Chinese classes are ideal for adult learners to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn Chinese language and culture.

Learn Chinese the smart way with Chinese courses in Adelaide at the Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology.

ENROL NOW! 08 8212 0990

19 May 2015, 04:13:15 PM


Our English for Academic Purposes - Elementary to Advanced has a reduced fee. $250.00 per week.

Students can start any Monday! 

APPLY NOW - 08 8212 0990

Winter Special (May-Sept) on OET
19 May 2015, 01:07:15 PM

Don't forget our Winter Special (May-Sept)

The Occupational English Test (OET) is aimed at testing the English of oversea-trained medical professionals. AIBT are pleased to be able to offer package deal at OET.

Call us on 08 8212 0990

Winter Special on English for Academic Purposes
18 May 2015, 03:59:39 PM

We have reduced our fees from $350.00 to $250.00 per week for the EAP course.

You can start any Monday and learn English with our experienced Teachers for up to 52 weeks with a CoE.

Contact Samuel on 08 8212 0990 to enrol


Flinders University Articulation for IT Courses
14 May 2015, 10:46:38 AM

Flinders University has given graduates of our Diploma of Software Development a full year credit transfer into their Bachelor Degree of Information Technology.

Combining our Diploma and a Flinders Degree is the perfect pathway to a recognised and employable qualification for those who also want to complete a Bachelor program

SAVE!!! Your second qualification at half price
15 April 2015, 11:24:55 AM

Did you know that if you successfully complete a Qualification with AIBT,  and continue onto the next level of course, the second course is half price.

Finish a Certificate IV in Business and enrol in the Diploma of Business for only $7,000.00

Complete the Diploma of Business and continue to the Advanced Diploma of Business for only $7,000.00


Information Technology Academy Launched
27 March 2015, 12:39:03 PM

AIBT now offers premium qualifications in IT. Full course details will be added to our website soon.

If you would like to get the skills and certification most wanted by employers enrol with us in the package program of

Certificate IV in Programming and Diploma of Software Development

All courses are conducted at our new site in Leigh Street, Adelaide

Industries that are hiring in 2015
26 February 2015, 04:57:25 PM

An interesting read from the SEEK Learning website about which industries are hiring in 2015:

Here at SEEK, we know jobs.

We’ve done the hard work for you by crunching our employment data, speaking with industry experts, and researching government and independent statistics to compile a list of the top opportunities for you in 2015.

The coming year looks positive for job seekers. A recovering economy, lower interest rates and burgeoning construction sector are all predicted to drive demand for labour, with skilled tradespeople and professionals leading the pack.

The most recentSEEK Job Growth Reporthas revealed insights into the areas that will be most affected by recruitment shortages, with workers in education, healthcare, building trades and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) set to benefit most. We also sat down with leading industry experts to get the inside word on where you’ll find real career opportunities now, and in the future.

Key takeaways from the SEEK Job Growth Report:

  • 16 of 19 Australian industries are predicted to see job increases to November 2018
  • Shortages are particularly evident for trades
  • New generation approaches to technology are driving demand for workers with niche skills across many industries

The biggest numbers of new jobs are in:


The hottest industries

Education and Training

Education and training

The rate of population growth within Australia is higher now than it was for the Baby Boomers, putting pressure on Australia’s education system and driving demand for additional teachers across multiple disciplines. This growth, combined with an influx of parents striving to set their children up for academic success, is also impacting the tutoring industry in a positive manner.

The education and training industry is projected to:

  • Grow 13.3 per cent by 2018 – nearly doubling last year’s projection (Industry Projections to November 2018, Department of Employment)
  • Create 58,900 more jobs within five years 
  • See 222,000 university undergraduate degrees completed in 2017/2018 (up 25,000), according to the Department of Education

See Education courses

Read more about hot jobs in Education and Training

Healthcare and Medical

Healthcare and medical

The demand for healthcare and medical workers is being boosted across the country as a result of the ageing population and advanced medical treatment technologies.

Consequently, the healthcare and medical industry will see:

  • Job numbers grow 16.3 per cent by November 2018, as predicted by the NSW Government
  • Australia face a shortfall of 109,000 nurses by 2025 (Health Workforce Australia)
  • The trend towards more specialised nursing continue, as experienced nurses approach retirement age and technology makes its mark on the sector

See Health courses

Read more about hot jobs in Healthcare and Medical

Building Trades

Building trades

It’s a great time to be in the building trades, with the construction industry expected to grow 8 per cent by November 2018 (Industry Employment Projections 2014 Report, Department of Employment). Building trades jobs are in demand across the country (and not just in urban areas), while technicians and trade workers make up more than half of the industry.

Significant demand is evidenced by:

  • The National Skills Needs List including a number of building trades: bricklayer, cabinetmaker, carpenter, joiner, drainer, electrician, fibrous plasterer, floor finisher, gasfitter, painting trades worker, roof tiler, solid plasterer and stonemason
  • Building trades expected to rise by 83,500 jobs by the end of 2018 (Industry Employment Projections 2014 Report, Department of Employment)

See Building and Construction courses

Read more about hot jobs in Building Trades

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


ICT professionals play a vital role across almost every industry in Australia as technology becomes more integral to every facet of our lives. As an enabler of productivity and innovation in the economy, ICT is unmatched with an increased need for more specialist skills.

  • The Department of Employment is predicting strong growth in the demand for technology professions of 12.8 per cent by the end of 2018 (Occupation Projections to November 2018, Department of Employment)
  • The highest growth nationwide is expected for computer network professionals, with a 20.5 per cent increase projected (Industry Projections to November 2018, Department of Employment)

See Information Technology courses

Read more about hot jobs in ICT

Design and Architecture

Design and architecture

Demand for architects rocketed in 2014, making the profession one of the most sought after in Australia. The recovering economy continues to stimulate a building boom which is boosting the need for these skills. Businesses are also moving towards more sophisticated online environments, growing demand for ‘new’ careers such as digital designers.

In a promising outlook for both sectors:

  • The Housing Industry Association now forecasts over183,000 new dwellings will be built in 2015
  • Federally funded programs such as Generate Design are seeing innovation and growth brought into Australia’s $33 billion creative industries, fuelling demand for services

See Design courses

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